Welcome to my site: http://www.Diva35.com. This site contain information about our sailing boat, a Fabola Diva 35 that we call Unique. Our boat is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is my hope you here will find some interesting tips, tricks, tests, links, articles and other information about the beautiful and innovative Diva boats. Enjoy, browse around & have fun. This site do not have any guest book, but feel free to contact me on a 7x24h basis ... I promise a reply within 24h... mailto://unique@diva35.com

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About - a short word about some tools that I have used to build this site:

The pictures on this page have all been compressed & thumb nailed using JPEG - Imager. - Visit http://www.v-methods.com/ji/

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This site is hosted on what is called an UNIX box. This operating system was mainly build for experts, that find DOS too easy. All you need to know about UNIX is that you should try to avoid it. The U, N, I and X in UNIX does not stand for anything in particular.

The day it is not fun anymore, or it seem like to much work to me, it is time to move on. Always have fun!

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