Small TFT

8” TFT with VGA input


As a try out we have bought a small 8” TFT screen (accepts VGA, to be used with Laptop/GPS/C-Map). This screen to be mounted under the spray hood – you hook it on when you sail & demount it easily while I safe harbour. We do realize that the screens in this price layer are not sun view screens, nor are they build for life at sea. However, you can buy 10 of these screens for the same price you will have to pay for a screen that is build for maritime use...and under the spray hood we do not have much direct water/sunlight anyway. I guess we only will use it when weather conditions are good..... We give it a try.....

While browsing around the internet I have found that many of these screens come from the same factory in China , but sold under varying brand names. Ie. on the screen above could be printed CarTFT, Lilliput or Newision - it is all the same.....Our choice became the Newision NW819VT (touch screen) - but our print is CarTFT - and it is all the same as the Lilliput model 809GL-80NP

Below find a hand full of URL's to follow if you are interested in small TFT screens 




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First try….05-Feb-2005