Diva 35, "Unique", Sailno. D 29 - All new or restored 2003...

Autumn 2002 I took Unique off the water 10'th September. A new waterline was painted. I used paint from International one component called "TopLac" no 936 "Signal Blue". This picture was taken 4'th January 2003. There is snow on the deck.

2003 was our first year using a gennaker, so I figured it would be more efficient sailing with such a "thing" if I mounted a bowsprit
First I planned to let one build on demand. But looking around on the internet I found that it was possible to buy one build as standard that fit all kind of boats.
Find out more @ http://www.batsystem.se

All work done! As sheet point for the gennaker the bowsprit is mounted with the Harken 3140 9mm Medium Loup  which has multiple coils of tough Dyneema covered with Spectra.

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I replaced all sea-water valves. I did this because those who make them say one should do that each and every 2'nd year, and those who sell them say each and every 4th year. The old ones on the picture is from 1986....
Up front I have found a place that we do not use very much.....
I was thinking about rebuilding it.....and also thinking about that today it is common that new boats sold today carry app. 200L fresh water.
Adding an extra 65L fresh water tank. This tank is sold by Watski, and fit the Diva 35 very well.
Buying a new boat today also means you'll have a hard time finding one that is not sold with halogen down-lights as standard; - so I started up the "Nova" project.
Nova details. Find out more @ http://www.batsystem.se  

All done. Standard today. Down-lights.
Another project spring 2003. Moving the refrigerator to this place and fixing up!
I demounted the old Lewmar port lights and moved them to this place. As this is under the spray hood the port lights can be open almost all summer!
Did you know? After 20 years you can still buy spare part for your Lewmar port lights. Check it out.!
The Lewmar port light inner frames has an ugly color (made in UK :) ...simply use spray paint to fix that.
The new replacement Lewmar port lights mounted on the outside of the cabin. The blue lines on the cabin was refreshed too.
I kicked out the the old Lewmar 40, and mounted Andersen 46 self tailing winch.
I kicked out the the old Lewmar 30, and mounted Andersen 28 self tailing winch.
A new spray hood was mounted. Also note the new wind breaks in clear PVC.
I have mounted tons of Rutgerson Transatlantic blocks. Here a picture of the mast base blocks.
From time to time we do have a very hot summer here. This is our new "sun sail"
Mounted with "igloo sticks"
This way. A detail.
My old Tyster T 1210 broke down. I had to replace it with the more powerful T 2000 model
While browsing around the J pages I found that J-105 is standard equipped with the Harken 1959 HL block for the gennaker, so I thought that if this item work on the J-105 it will work on a Diva 35 too...
Ready to go, equipped with a new genua in grey pentex from Quantum. 

This picture was taken early spring 2003 @ 55.41N, 12.37E. 

Grey Pentex.....
My last project 2003 (September). I painted the deck on Unique grey. This was done using International "Perfection". Colour no. 289 (Stone grey)