Diva 35, "Unique", Sailno. D 29 - All new or restored 2005...

8"TFT VGA screen to be use with Laptop/GPS & C-Map.

This is mounted under the sprayhood.

 Tips & Tricks.

On the right a picture of our new tiller. Specially build for a Diva 39 - but fits a Diva 35 very well too.

It is build by Jefa Marine - http://www.jefa.com


Same as above - but in another angle....

A new "platform" for the autopilot "Helmer" was needed

Since our mainsail was somewhat "outdated" (1992) a new main from QSD was ordered.

2005 was our first year using a "snuffer" for our gennaker. Check out our tips & tricks links:


Will it take up less space?

All packed into a bag

Here is an option for storing the gennager packed into a bag.

This year a new shield for the mainsail was needed too...

....new halyard for each sail and a new main-sheet was mounted too.

Check out the rope guide....

Shield is ..of course...with original print - just like in mid 1980' :-)

August 2005: One fine day heading home....

This is the end - 2005 - mid September