Diva 35, "Unique", Sailno. D 29 - All new or restored 2002...
Usually the cockpit table is stored here as an integrated part of the Diva 35. Now that we have replaced the old cockpit table the "Lagun" table I have build a hatch there.

I build in the engine key. It is build up in fibreglass.
I used a plug build in plaster over the shape of a part like "Tupperware"
The mainsail  triple-block was changed to Harken Hexaratchet no 052. It is home build modified using Harken part no 280.... the off shore cam matic. On the other end of the sheet Harken no. 049 was mounted.
This picture show the mast fitted with Harken Batten Cars. You'll need 1 x headboard car (1807), 4 x batten cars (1944). In between the 4 batten cars I use the simple slider car no. 1777 (10x). Add 7 x track (1800) & 2 x stop kit no (1805)..Using this arrangement all your problems handling your main sail will be eliminated. It is highly recommend.
On the boom reefing linens that open up the possibility for adjustment has been mounted..
Just a small tip. Mounting a small springer to hold the hatch on top of the refrigerator sure makes life on board easier. For more than 10 years we have been fighting with this hatch, which by Fabola Boats is delivered "totally removable".
I have changed to more modern and less consuming halogen lights here, over the pantry and over the navigation table. 
A 22L freshwater heater was mounted aft starbord.
2002 was also the year all heating channels became  isolated. Find out more @ WestaFlex


All batteries and each and every cable from the battery blok over the engine to the main switch panel was changed to a higher and correct dimension.
As you can see batteries are placed aft. (but still close to mid of boat). To place batteries here you will need a battery which is not to high. The Tudor/Exide part no. 95801 (95ah) will do the trick as it has a height of 19 cm. Note the battery separator "Septor" in the lower right of the picture.


Do you use correct dimensions ? Do you have enough power ?
I found this fan for air circulation in a garbage can. Now our old Yanmar is much satisfied even when the air temperature in the cabin is above 30 and the water that we use for cooling down the engine is 22 degree.:). I also moved the main switches to this place. The brown box hold connectors for the instruments.
I found one more place to mount an "rectangular object holder" from Nuova Rade
This tip will not cost you a penny. A simple cut will lead your mainsheet stored while your boat is in safe harbour.