Home is where your heart is – your home is a reflection of your personality, but at the same time, your home is something which influences your lifestyle to an extent you cannot imagine. You spend most of your time in your home; it’s a place where you slump in after a day’s work – so it has a significant effect on your well-being and the way you live. So what are the few changes you can incorporate in your home to bring in a substantial difference in your lifestyle? Here are a few:

Keep doing this every week, or every month as per your convenience – you have to consciously make an effort to get rid of all the things cluttering your home. This brings in new energy, a fresh vibe in your home. You always feel fresh and free, when you get rid of all the unwanted things in your surroundings. So no matter how occupied you are, take some time off for this decluttering ritual.

Save a corner:
A me-time corner is an essential part of every home – it need not be a huge space, all you need is a chair with a lamp over it. Keep this space when you need to introspect when you need to give your thought some serious ‘thought.’ You can also use this space to read books and have a much-required break from the otherwise fast pace of life.

Yoga room:
You need to have a dedicated space in your home to practice meditation, yoga and other things to calm your mind. Keep in mind that the decor of this room has to be soothing and calm – the minute you step into this room, a feeling of calmness and purity will sweep you over. Also, it’s the perfect area to practice yoga and meditation too.


Healthy and organic:
As much as possible, fill your home with healthy and natural stuff which you can munch on when you’re in. Also, try to bring in the green element – indoor plants are always a plus point and bring in freshness to your home. Attempt to keep the decor all natural and in sync with nature and also who you are. The things around you make an impact on your mood, so make sure they are things which influence you to be more happy and positive.